Labels, libels – postscript

After my online altercation yesterday with said knob-end (and this is the last time I’m going to be calling anyone that here, it’s a bit wrong), we made up and clarified a few things.

Something that hadn’t occurred to me: in the same way that being called “queer” makes me uncomfortable (no matter how much reclaiming-the-term™ has gone into it) because it was used as a weapon against me as a kid, for some people the word “tomboy” has similar overtones. This could apply to a lot of trans men, for example, who went through a phase of being called a tomboy while they were figuring out who they really were. Some people who were called tomboy liked it, some really didn’t.

So – I’m still going to call myself Trans Tomboy, because it fits me really well – but I’m now aware that it might push some people’s buttons.

One person’s label is another person’s libel, innit.


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