Three little words

What the hell, I’ve got the writing bug at the moment, so I’m (sort of) taking a break from going blah blah me me for a night to ask you a favour, if you’re reading this.

I want to play some creative writing games with myself – the idea is, you (if you feel like it) send me three random words as a comment to this, and I write something based around them, as spontaneously as possible.

Your rules are: English words please, or at least something I can look up successfully! Try to make it random and spontaneous at your end too, don’t overthink of three words that would “make a good story”, just let ’em leap out at you.

My rules are: I may use the words themselves or I may not, but I’ll be writing about them. And I’ll either be writing a short-short story, or a haiku (western-stylie, 5-7-5 syllables thing), or (because I’ve just started playing with this as a pattern, and it’s tough fun) a story in six words.

I’ll post here what I come up with, if it isn’t too cringeworthy, as light relief from my trans-maunderings. If you want to play too, let me know and I’ll three-word you back. In any case, give it a go, it’s good for the brain and heart and that.

Here’s one I made earlier (again):

Boats, Boots, Books

There have always been those who want to know how to walk on water – and always those who looked for the answer in books.

Even before there were books, people looked for the secret in the stories born of word, they sought the way: the way not to get drowned. When the Great Paranoid One whispered in Noah’s ear, it was to make a story that people would follow – that’s why the Ark always looks like its roof is an open book, so you had to be on board to read the secret story.

Then he gave it to his Boy, but that was all a Fish story – still, people followed that one like crazy, because the arc of the Ark was the one about not going under in the first place, but the Fish Boy story was about coming back up after, and that’s what people really wanted to know about. The far easterners knew a thing or two – there’s no name that keeps your feet dry, because the secret of the story is this: where the power is, is not walking on water, it’s being water.

[the gorgeous porous porcus is made by Woody Fox]


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