Outward bound

Today is what’s known as National Coming Out Day – but it’s way more International, as it’s now celebrated in many countries around the world on October 11th. It’s a day on which to celebrate the courage of we people who’ve come out (or who haven’t yet come out) as queer or genderqueer in whatever flavour or texture – but also a day to send out love to all those for whom it is a risk to be themselves out loud.

I’m enjoying reading people’s coming-out stories around the ‘net today. I responded to a request on Butch Wonders‘ blog for tweets, haikus, and limericks on the subject, with these two:

came out three times now
gayboy, transwoman… tomboy
enough, already!


It’s enough to demolish the brain
How the Transmatriarchy inane
Demand Bette and Tina
Be the trans girl’s Athena…
When I only long to be Shane

(The limerick refers to characters from The L Word, in case that helps. It is deeply apt that I couldn’t find anything to rhyme with Jenny Schechter.)

[the image is by Jantiff Stocks – step out…]


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