No more favouritism


[This is a stroppy blog-thing – but I’m feeling generally irked at the moment, so I’m making the most of it to motivate me to post here again, in the hope that I’ll acquire some momentum and keep on posting things, since it’s been a while… Share The Irk!!]

I know, I’ve banged on about this before. But as part of the process of trying to achieve “equal marriage” (or as close as we’re going to get) in the UK, Lord Dear has introduced a proposed amendment to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill currently under discussion. His amendment ‘aims to protect the “belief in traditional marriage”, and separates straight couples’ marriages from those of gay couples.’ (Note that this is part of his concerted attempt to scupper the bill entirely.)

That’s enough, now.

I’m all for protecting people’s right to hold their personal beliefs, so if someone wants to believe that only marriages between one man and one woman are “real”, then let them go ahead and believe that, on their own time. But if you want to enshrine your personal beliefs in law, at the expense of anyone else’s personal beliefs, then forget it – your time is up, I’m afraid.

There’s been so much whinging lately about (in particular) Christian people here feeling persecuted. Nope, all that’s happening is that you’re finally losing the “right” for your beliefs to matter more than anyone else’s. You get the same deal as everybody else now, and that’s not called “persecution”.

I’m pretty tired of living in a country where much of the Christian community believe that their faith is the Default Setting, and deserves some kind of special treatment, just because they were lucky enough to have that enforced in the past.


While we’re on the subject of ridiculous bollocks, I’m very pleased to note that California has passed a law protecting the rights of trans students to use the bathrooms appropriate to their actual gender (as opposed to any apparent gender foisted on them by birth, or by people with rigid concepts of the relationship between gender and anatomy).

The bollocks-factor is in the comments of the Republican senators, who largely opposed the bill. Apparently, some suggested that “less capable male athletes might join girl teams to gain a competitive edge.” (This is when they weren’t blathering on about how sex offenders would suddenly crowd out bathrooms.)

If any of you senators had the first idea what you have to go through to declare yourself gender dysphoric, to be trans*, and to transition, you’d forget the ridiculous idea that anyone would do something as arduous and scary as this for any reason other than because… they wanted to transition and be their true selves. Of course, you don’t want to know anything about the reality of the situation, because your belief buckets are already full to the brim with absurd fantasies about why we’re trans* and transitioning.

That’s enough, now.

You don’t have the right to impose your beliefs and fears on others through law. Get used to it, equality is slowly inching towards you, willy-nilly.


[Seriously, I just wanted any excuse to repost this fab photo of Tilda Swinton outside the Kremlin, showing her support for beleaguered LGBT Russians. Tilda, we are not worthy…]


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